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An Expert Witness is sometimes required when it is necessary to have opinion evidence to assist with the resolution of a disputed case. An Expert Witness may be involved in court proceedings and be requested to give evidence.

It is often beneficial to agree and appoint a single joint expert by all involved parties to provide an unbiased opinion on the issue of proceedings. That said, it is possible for an Expert Witness to be appointed by only one party, although they are still required to act impartially.

The primary purpose of an Expert Witness is to provide an independent expert opinion on the case at hand based on the information presented to them for review. At SGL we strive to provide impartial and fair advice on matters within our expertise.

Should we be appointed as an expert witness we would:

· Provide our independent impartial opinion of the subject matter at hand within our expertise.

· Provide the opinion in the form of a report, evidence or calculation before a court or other tribunal as is necessary.

We would not:

· Provide or state opinion beyond our area of expertise.

· Accept any appointment which may be in conflict of interest.

· Accept appointment subject to the conditional outcome of a particular case.

· Act as a mediator or negotiator between parties.

· Provide advice to either side.

· Advocate or argue the clients case nor advice what the case should contain.

· Accept any form of bribe or portray information in a way that unfairly favours either party.

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