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Shepherd Gilmour Leeds (SGL) are a consultancy firm based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Our offices are situated in a historic Tannery building just outside of the city centre. 

SGL has grown steadily since its formation in 2001 and now provides a wide variety of consulting services. The company has a broad wealth of knowledge and experience across many sectors of the industry, such as: Civil Engineering, Building Surveys, Seismic Design, M&E Service Support Design, Building Ancillaries, Material Handling, Quarrying and Heavy Industrial as well as Residential and Domestic Works. 

SGL is now providing international design services across the globe from the Antarctic to the UK and beyond. We take great care in the services we provide ensuring a professional comprehensive approach from quotation through to project completion.

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The most important ethos at SGL is that of ensuring the utmost health and safety in all things we do.

We are fully compliant with Construction, Design & Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 across all staff roles, whether that be through on site support, or consulting design services.

We are registered with Constructionline who carry out annual reviews of our Health and Safety practices. 

Additionally, we employ the services of a Health and Safety consultancy to carry out an annual review of our policies and systems to ensure we remain ahead of the rules and regulations in order to exceed the industry standard for health and safety.

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We realise the importance of our role as a designer with regard to sustainability across the construction industry. This is an area of particular interest for our Managing Director who acts as a leading example to staff, working hard to be continuously at the forefront of innovation and development.

As part of our efforts to decrease embodied carbon in our designs and also offer reduced material waste and therefore cost, we employ a full suite of cutting edge engineering software which allows us to provide efficient designs with a high level of accuracy.

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As a company we are aware of the importance of being able to provide quality assurance to our clients. As such, SGL employ a rigorous internal quality assurance and project management system which is certified to ISO 9001:2015. We do not however stop there as SGL employ the services of a professional quality assurance consultancy to assist us in striving to better ourselves year upon year.

As a result of our efforts to maintain the highest level of quality assurance, our recent 2022 ISO 9001:2015 audit with the British Assessment Bureau found zero non-conformities and we received no suggestions for improvement which is an achievement we are proud of.

View our Quality Policy here.

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