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Pettypool Activity Centre

£1.04m Activity Centre in Cheshire.

The existing Girlguiding Activity Centre in Cheshire Forest was a “hotchpotch” of prefabricated structures, joined together in an impractical way over several years of expansion which ultimately resulted in a premises which was increasingly becoming inaccessible and not fit for purpose.

As a result, the Pettypool committee for Girlguiding Cheshire Forest required a new building to replace the original prefab structures, with key emphasis being accessibility, inclusivity and sustainability with an appearance which would seamlessly fit into the surrounding natural environment.

Walker Simpson Architects were appointed as the principle designer, with SGL appointed as the leading structural designers for the project. Together with the M&E consultants A&P Dynamic Design, we were able to provide a new activity centre on time and on budget.

The design was situated on sloping ground and incorporated two main wings which enclose a central courtyard. A terrace extends outwards, cantilevering over the bank towards the lower level of the site. The building was required to exhibit a large open plan space for activities, for which a steelwork portal frame structure was employed. The structure was clad in timber and steel, with highly recyclable products in use throughout, such as the Hunter Douglas Heartfelt system which also gave a unique and fitting aesthetic to the ceilings within the building.

Project Gallery

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